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  1. I was just wondering if you had every heard of Sensory Integration Disorder or Sensory Modulation Disorder. They both have sensory issues, autism like qualities, and speech problems. (Sorry if you;d already heard of it)

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      Thank you for your comment! :-)
      Yes, I have heard of it; Sunny has actually been diagnosed with SPD (at least I guess this is the correct translation of what he was diagnosed with). You can read about some of his diagnoses in the About section.

  2. Hi! Thank you for your lovely comment ~ isn't it strange that we both had the same thought (and, slightly weirdly, my sons blog name is Smiler ~ not a million miles from Sunny). The trigger for me was a series of texts from someone we had asked to look after the 3 children while we attended a funeral. Like you, I see so many positives in my son, so much courage, and I see the things he can do. I honestly don't think it had occurred to me before that people who I thought saw him the way I did actually saw just a long list of needs. Sorry, babbling. Sunny sounds amazing, and he's lucky to have people in his life who love him so so much. Maybe you could write a guest post about him for my blog? I know, I'm so cheeky ~ I'll get in touch properly!
    Take care

    1. Hi Lucas!
      Thank you for getting in touch! Yes, there are quite a few similarities! :-)
      My trigger for writing the post was that everytime I see someone examining Sunny closer when we are on an outing I was really wondering what they saw at that exact moment.
      I would be honoured to write a guest post for you! Just let me know the details.


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